Has there ever been someone you would love to send hurtling into a dunk tank full of water? Well now you can! The Entertainment Group have a mobile dunk tank that can be hired and used as an impressive key feature of any event! Charity dunk tank is the most prominently used with clients using the portable dunk tank as a way of encouraging their guests to open their wallets if they want to see their friend, colleague or, more traditionally, their boss getting plunged and drenched. We can supply London dunk tank or indeed any UK dunk tank for a great addition to an outdoor event. The large dunk tank for hire works by the participant – or ‘victim’ – sitting in the chair located above the water filled tank, and then guests can pay a price or donation to throw a pre-agreed number of balls at the dunk tank target situated next to the tank.

When the target is hit.... the victim gets dunked! Dunking tanks are extremely popular at summer fundraising events but can be used in a variety of situations, providing they are outdoor events. Fairground dunk tank or dunk tank promotions are also common purposes for dunk tank rental. When you rent a dunk tank with The Entertainment Group, you will receive a unique service that can be tailored to meet you exact requirements. The dunk tank hire comes with delivery, set up and charismatic operators whose manner can be altered to add to whatever atmosphere you wish to create.

When previous clients have hired dunk tanks they continually feedback that it was the most popular attraction at their event, with guests never ceasing to tire of dunking others  and therefore producing a never-ending stream of donations. If you have guests with an accurate throw, the turnover of victims can be very high giving it a fresh appeal each time a new person is situated in the dreaded dunking chair! To hire dunk tank for your event or events simply give our sales team a call or email today to receive more information and images or to secure your booking with us. The Entertainment Group sales team will supply you with a quotation which covers all of the following; delivery, set up, operators and removal. Meaning that once your booking is finalised you can sit back, safe in the knowledge that everything is in our capable hands.